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Icons & Pop Art

Throughout history, many cultures have used art, typically in the form of icons, as instruments of worship . . .

Studio del colore

Studio del colore is an alternate view of similar works by Mariscotti, such as "Series of Multiples" and "Dark Series". The study is an attempt to combine the emotional charge of a particular moment with artistic elements from Mariscotti's . . .

Artist CV
Osvaldo Mariscotti: The New Visual Suprematism
by Salvatore Russo

Many artists choose to paint the beautiful; others instead, decide to break down the sign, thus entering in the new universe of ...

Dynamic Abstraction

Ever since the advent of abstract art, there has always been a recurring desire in the minds of many artists, the recreation of dynamism on the static canvas. This desire has proven to be nothing but an insurmountable obstacle for many. However, history shows us cases of artists that successfully accomplished this feat.

Firstly, we can make reference to Wassily Kandinsky ...